OPaver™ Porous Paving Grids Proudly Designed and Made in the USA

The OPaver™ MP Porous Paving Grid

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Strongest porous paver made in the USA

USA EcoSystems’ OPaver™ MP Grids

USA EcoSystems’ OPaver™ MP Grids are permeable pavers that are a strong and durable eco-friendly alternative to concrete and asphalt. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene with built in UV Stabilizers, the OPaver™ MP grids allow 100% land usage as a porous paving solution and it adheres to established municipal recommendations of products for permeability, making the OPaver™ MP grids the perfect solution for green building requirements.

OPaver 100 percent porous paving plastic grid made in the USA

OPaver™ MP Grids

The OPaver™ MP Grids are available in 2’x4′ panels constructed from UV Protected Polypropylene plastic. The combination of its’ unique design and materials used, creates the strongest paving grid structure in its’ class. The panels are assembled with interlocking friction fit clips so assembly is simple and does not need special tools. The OPaver™ MP Grid panel can be used as a permeable paver with an aggregate base as well as grass. This permits applications that satisfies not only the functionality of permeable paving it also satisfies the aesthetic concerns and requirements of municipalities.



OPaver™ MP Grids lowers the cost of development by reducing the need for oversized pipes, curb & gutter, vaults, and retention ponds.

The USA EcoSystems OPaver™ MP Grid design provides a 100% porous surface that lowers levels of pollutants entering streams and reduces the amounts of streambank and streambed erosion associated with high peak flows of stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces.

OPaver™ MP Grids reduce the magnitude and frequency of flooding and combined sewer overflow events by reducing the volume of water that enters into the sewers and streams during heavy rain and thunderstorms.

OPaver™ MP Grids alleviate the impact of the urban heat island effect, the permeability of rain water through the pavers into the existing landscape  improves air quality, and increases carbon sequestration.

Public access and use of existing properties can be better utilized without compromising aesthetic appearance by the varied uses of aggregate as well as the incorporation of vegetation with the grid system.

USA EcoSystems’ OPaver™ MP Grids Porosity & Permeability Video Demo


• Walking Paths
• Driveways
• Service Access roads
• Bicycle Paths
• Horse stable/yards
• Overflow parking events
• Sidewalks
• Patio


• Erosion control
• 100% permeable applications
• Turf Reinforcement
• Meets Municipal requirements for both Residential and Commercial Landscaping and Construction Projects
• Helps maintain the value of the existing property


• “Green” building design and development friendly.
• Up to 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of concrete (installed).
• One of the most economical solutions for storm water management.
• Reduces heat retention, especially beneficial in urban areas.
• LEED Points accreditation on both new and rebuilds.
• Allows water to flow directly into the natural aquifers.
• Dust abatement / dust reduction.
• Mud Control.


• Proudly Manufactured in the USA from 100% recycled plastic.
• The OPaver™ MP Grids are pre-assembled in 2’ x 4’ panels for ease of installation at any job site.
• Made with the highest quality UV Protected Polypropylene plastic.
• Ease of installation.
• Provides a 100% Porous Surface
• SUDS, ADA and LEEDS compliant

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