OPaver™ Porous Paving Grids Proudly Designed and Made in the USA

Turf Reinforcement

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Remodeling and Home Design

OPaver™ Grid engineered design for grass overflow parking

OPaver™ MP Grids for Turf Reinforcement

The USA ecosystems OPaver™ MP works equally as well as a protective pervious grass paver. Whether installing sod into the OPaver™ MP system or top soil and grass seed, the design of the OPaver™ MP will protect the root structure of the grass as well as channel rainwater down to the roots through the paver cell structure reducing significantly runoff and directing water which would normally have run off into sewers back into the water table. Because the system is made from high density polypropylene plastics and not cement like some other pavers, there are no worries about heat island effects that you get from other paving systems.

Questions & Answers


“We have a lot of gently sloping ground here in Austin, Texas and the city permitting office is now requiring certain drainage criteria be met when doing a major renovation and new building. If I could use OPaver™ in this situation I would be concerned about:

How to tie the grid into the ground below. If I’m installing this over dirt (most situations this would be the case) how do I stop it from allowing water under it and creating a channel over time of water washing away whatever is in the grid (dirt or gravel)? Maybe I could use landscape staples or something similar? If so how many per square foot to ensure stabilization?”


This concern was thought through the design of the product. Where four of the circle cells meet you will find the diamond shape cell and at the base there’s a flange. This allows for a mechanical fasteners to go through secure the grid to the ground. The amount per square foot would be dependent upon the quality of the ground conditions.


“What volume of water will this product allow through from the side? I know you said it allows water to feed from one chamber to the next. I have an application where I’d like to install maybe 15′ x 45’ but my concern is that this is a low volume water path (mainly in rain but also from a neighboring lot). I’m worried about what will happen when the water starts pooling at along the short end and can’t get “into” the grid. I can think of a number of applications where this “wall” of the beginning of the product will create a barrier and divert water where the plans didn’t intend. Do you have any thoughts on this one?”


Where the common ground, weather it be be asphalt, concrete driveway, or grass begins just ensure that the OPaver™ MP sits at the height the ground cover just mentioned or slightly below. In other words, if the grid system is installed on a 45° slope where the grid begins install the panels beneath the earth so water coming down that slope will be forced to flow onto the grid itself and not collide with the side of the OPaver™ MP grid.

USA EcoSystems’ OPaver™ MP Grids Porosity & Permeability Video Demo


• Walking Paths
• Driveways
• Service Access roads
• Bicycle Paths
• Horse stable/yards
• Overflow parking events
• Sidewalks
• Patio


• Erosion control
• 100% permeable applications
• Turf Reinforcement
• Meets Municipal requirements for both Residential and Commercial Landscaping and Construction Projects


• “Green” building design and development friendly.
• Up to 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of concrete (installed).
• One of the most economical solutions for storm water management.
• Reduces heat retention, especially beneficial in urban areas.
• LEED Points accreditation on both new and rebuilds.
• Allows water to flow directly into the natural aquifers.
• Dust abatement / dust reduction.
• Mud Control.


• Proudly Manufactured in the USA from 100% recycled plastic.
• The OPaver™ MP Grids are pre-assembled in 2’ x 4’ panels for ease of installation at any job site.
• Made with the highest quality UV Protected Polypropylene plastic.
• Ease of installation.
• Provides a 100% Porous Surface
• SUDS, ADA and LEEDS compliant

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