OPaver™ Porous Paving Grids Proudly Designed and Made in the USA

The USA ECOSYSTEMS difference.

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MP OPaver engineered design made in the USA

OPaver™ MP Grid Features a Unique Cylindrical Shape for High Load Capacity

The circle is the most stable load bearing geometric shape in nature.
OPaver™ MP Grid’s cylindrical shape and design matrix was specifically chosen because in the natural world, the circle is one of the strongest structural shapes available. But more importantly, circles (and spheres) are the most stable geometric shape when bearing weight. Within a circle there is an arch or semi-circle, an arch distributes force evenly along its curvature. With a cylindrical shape, stress is distributed equally along the arc of it’s perimeter instead of concentrating at any one specific point, therefore it can bear the highest load capacity of any other geometrical shape in nature. Moreover, the cylindrical shape of USA OPavers™ MP Grids are produced from 100% recycled plastic, with 1.8” cell height for optimal strength.

Exceeding Industry Standards

USA EcoSystems recycled PP OPaver™ MP (Multi-Purpose) Grids are stronger and more flexible than competitive high density polyethylene (HDPE) products and are designed to meet and exceed USA industry standards.

Highly Engineered Resin

The OPaver™ MP grids are molded using a highly engineered, high tensile strength recycled copolymer polypropylene (PP) resin. Polypropylene is not susceptible to environmental breakdown under normal conditions as it will not react with organic compounds found in soil. UV stabilizers linked within the polymer will prevent degradation due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. In addition, polypropylene is among the most stable thermoplastics when it comes to accidental exposure to industrial and automotive solvents and petroleum based products that may be spilled on paved surfaces. Polypropylene can withstand extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum and thermal cycles will not affect the longevity of the material.

Environmentally Stable

Our industry exclusive PP products are manufactured with additives that make them the strongest, most durable, and environmentally stable products on the market.
OPaver™ MP Grid 100 percent porous paver

Durable for Decades

Unlike competitive products made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), the OPaver™ MP grids will not absorb water and will not react with normal environmental contaminants which means they will not degrade over time and your surface will remain stable for decades to come.


• Proudly Manufactured in the USA from 100% recycled plastic.
• The OPaver™ MP Grids are pre-assembled in 2’ x 4’ panels for ease of installation at any job site.
• Made with the highest quality UV Protected Polypropylene plastic.
• Ease of installation.
• Provides a 100% Porous Surface
• SUDS, ADA and LEEDS compliant

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