OPaver™ Porous Paving Grids Proudly Designed and Made in the USA

Resin Bound Gravel

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Remodeling and Home Design

Resin Bound Gravel & Resin Bonded Aggregate


Superior Quality Pebble and Aggregate Binder
USA EcoSystems provides pebble and aggregate binding product that is suitable not only for patio and sidewalk use, it also has the strength and durability to be applied in commercial and residential vehicular traffic applications or high load traffic areas. Because the pebble or aggregate product used will be locked into place and none of the particles will migrate, this lends itself to a wide variety of creative applications.

Painting with Pebbles
Color variations in aggregate can be used as a creative medium to delineate lines, patterns, or decorative motifs locked into the paving surface. Moreover, by incorporating our professional-grade glow in the dark aggregate into the top layer of your gravel fill the glowing element will bring beauty and interest to your landscape throughout the night. The long lasting glow of our products will last 10-12 hours every night and the quality of it’s glow will last for decades.

Superior Quality, Low cost, USA made

For more information regarding our binder product please contact us or call us: 1 (404) 369-1050 or 1 (844) 438-4569

USA EcoSystems’ OPaver™ MP Grids Porosity & Permeability Video Demo


• Walking Paths
• Driveways
• Service Access roads
• Bicycle Paths
• Horse stable/yards
• Overflow parking events
• Sidewalks
• Patio


• Erosion control
• 100% permeable applications
• Turf Reinforcement
• Meets Municipal requirements for both Residential and Commercial Landscaping and Construction Projects


• “Green” building design and development friendly.
• Up to 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of concrete (installed).
• One of the most economical solutions for storm water management.
• Reduces heat retention, especially beneficial in urban areas.
• LEED Points accreditation on both new and rebuilds.
• Allows water to flow directly into the natural aquifers.
• Dust abatement / dust reduction.
• Mud Control.


• Proudly Manufactured in the USA from 100% recycled plastic.
• The OPaver™ MP Grids are pre-assembled in 2’ x 4’ panels for ease of installation at any job site.
• Made with the highest quality UV Protected Polypropylene plastic.
• Ease of installation.
• Provides a 100% Porous Surface
• SUDS, ADA and LEEDS compliant

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