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Installation Guide

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OPaver™ MP Grid Installation Guide | CBR 1 scenario:



Compactable Soil = Please use CBR (California Bearing Ratio) guide to assess compactable soil layer thickness. For more information on CBR please visit the California Bearing Ratio Reference from aboutcivil.org.

BeddingLayer* = Sharps and should be used for non SUDS compliant installs.  3-6mm clean crushed aggregate should
be used for a truly SUDS compliant install.

Sub base = Once the CBR has been established lay the sub-base at the required depth for the intended traffic load.

Standard sub-base could be DOT type 1; scalpings; crushed limestone; firm existing surface i.e. old gravel driveway,
Asphalt or concrete. Sharp sand should be laid (10-20mm) to form a bedding layer and iron out any minor deformities
in the sub-base.

SUDS compliant sub-base should contain no fines (nothing smaller than 2mm). This prevents the base from binding
together; allowing water to penetrate freely i.e. clean angular gravel or clean crushed aggregate. The smaller aggregate
should be laid to form a bedding layer on top of the larger aggregate, when compacted this will form a suitable surface on which the grid system can be laid.

USA OPaver™ MP Grid = The grid matrix has clipping mechanisms on all four sides creating a single structure when all sheets are attached into a single unit.

*Optional method


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