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Creativity and innovation is is at the forefront of every good design.

The versatility of uses of our OPaver™ MP grids presents a product that won’t compromise performance while being an alternative for concrete or traditional asphalt paving. It accomplishes this while lending variety, versatility and aesthetic distinction to surface treatment choices. When the OPaver™ MP grid system is used as a pervious surface in conjunction with an aggregate fill, you now have the ability to offer an endless variety of design elements with timeless natural beauty that natural stones provide. If using the grid in cooperation with our binder product as a clear aggregate topcoat designs, with color, texture, motifs, letters, shapes and many other graphic elements can be designed into the project. You can literally paint with stone.
By design, our OPaver™ MP grid system can be installed in all climates without compromised performance while still meeting or exceeding permeable requirements.

Add High Performing Photoluminescent Glow in the Dark Aggregate to your Projects

At USA EcoSystems we offer innovative approaches to solve seemingly simple problems. Here is an example of our unique marker system which utilizes our glow stone product with a binder. In automotive applications the binder can be used to delineate parking areas or by choosing different colored aggregate you can quite literally paint signage or designs on the pathways or driveways. The possibilities are endless!
All of this is achieved without compromising the permeability of the OPaver™ MP grid system. Additionally, with our glow aggregate, you could add an eco-friendly solution for light passage safety to any scale project.

Innovation, Ideas & Design. We are here to help.

If you have a design idea we are here to assist and walk you through the steps to achieve the best results for your installation.

For more information on our Glow products please visit our sister website: USAGLOW.com

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