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A leader in Green Building Practices

As LEED compliance and “green” initiatives become more the standard and less the exception, developers are always looking for the newest technology. Our MP EcoPaver™ Grid responds to these needs. Our approach to pervious surfacing with our patented design and use of material is being utilized in every increasing scenarios. We proudly have our product engineered and molded in the USA. With our MP EcoPaver™ Grid made in the states allows for rapid 3 week turnaround on large project orders as well as significant developer discounted pricing.
The innovative use of our product as well as the very cost effective alternative for paving makes it a perfect choice no matter the scope of the development project.

Add Glow & Set Your Projects Apart from the Rest

Adding High Performing Photoluminescent Glow in the Dark Aggregate to your Projects by integrating our porous paving grid system, our professional glow stone products with a binder will provide an unique aesthetic glow touch that will set your projects apart. Additionally, with our glow aggregate, you could add an eco-friendly solution for light passage safety to any scale project.
In automotive applications the binder can be used to delineate parking areas or by choosing different colored aggregate you can quite literally paint signage or designs on the pathways or driveways. All of this is achieved without compromising the permeability of the OPaver™ MP Grid system.

Innovation, Ideas & Design. We are here to help.

If you have a design idea we are here to assist and walk you through the steps to achieve the best results for your installation.

For more information on our Glow products please visit our sister website: USAGLOW.com

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