OPaver™ Porous Paving Grids Proudly Designed and Made in the USA

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Eco-Friendly Permeable OPaver™ MP Grids and Landscaping Glow Products.

We Offer Permeable paving systems for gravel and turf
The USA EcoSystems OPaver™ MP (multi-purpose) Grids feature an eco friendly cellular porous paving system that is economical, easy to install and versatile. Our porous paving grids are made with 100% poly propylene recycled plastic. This is a sustainable eco friendly choice that not only provides outstanding performance as a paver it is also, pound per pound, the strongest product in its’ class.

Resin Bound Gravel & Resin Bonded Aggregate

Superior Quality Pebble and Aggregate Binder
USA EcoSystems provides pebble and aggregate binding product that is suitable not only for patio and sidewalk use, it also has the strength and durability to be applied in commercial and residential vehicular traffic applications or high load traffic areas. Because the pebble or aggregate product used will be locked into place and none of the particles will migrate, this lends itself to very creative applications.

Painting with Pebbles
Color variations in aggregate can be used as a creative medium to delineate lines, patterns, or decorative motifs locked into the paving surface. Moreover, by incorporating our professional-grade glow in the dark aggregate into the top layer of your aggregate fill the glowing element will bring beauty and interest in your landscape throughout the night. The long lasting glow our products will last 10-12 hours every night and the quality of it’s glow will last for decades.

OPaver™ MP grids for Gravel Stabilization in driveways, pathways, patios, equestrian and overflow parking

A 100% porous paving surface
The USA EcoSystems’ OPaver™ MP reinforcement and stabilization grids have a cross-weight-bearing cellular design  allowing even dispersion of weight while providing a 100% porous paving surface. By design, excess rainwater drains evenly throughout the entire surface. The  OPaver™ MP Grids are ideal for integration in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) landscaping projects.

OPaver 100 percent porous paving plastic grid made in the USA

OPaver™ MP Grid Features a Unique Cylindrical Shape for High Load Capacity
OPaver™ MP Grid’s cylindrical shape and design matrix was specifically chosen because in the natural world, the circle is one of the strongest structural shapes available. With a cylindrical shape, stress is distributed equally along the arc of it’s perimeter instead of concentrating at any one specific point, therefore, it can bear the highest load capacity. Moreover, the cylindrical shape that bares the name USA OPavers™ MP Grids are produced from 100% recycled plastic, with 1.8” cell height for optimal strength. It’s strength lies also in its flexibility. USA EcoSystems’ OPaver™ MP Grids design offers the combination of excellent cellular strength and weight load capability while allowing optimal expansion and contraction in extreme weather climates.

USA EcoSystems’ OPaver™ MP Grids uses
Permeable paving systems are perfect for: pathways, driveways, vehicular parking, access roads, farms, parks, caravan parks, barns, show grounds, lawn parking, grass verges, mobility paths, golf paths and more.

USA EcoSystems’ OPaver™ MP Grids uses in the farm and agricultural industries
The USA EcoSystems’ OPaver™ MP Grids in the farm and agricultural industries have unique uses such as feed and grain platforms, cattle feeding pads, reduces or eliminates farm related runoff keeping in compliance with the strict demands of the EPA.

Our OPaver™ MP Grids are ADA, LEED and SUDs compliant.

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